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Developing Industry-Oriented Teaching Materials for Industrial Safety Management Developing Industry-Oriented Teaching Materials for Industrial Safety Management HOT



The flaw in traditional teaching methods results from its lack of close relations with industry. In comparison, industry-oriented education provides an approach for learning industrial perspectives (Wikipedia, 2010). Accordingly, the development of teaching materials for occupational safety and health education based on industrial perspectives would foster the safety professionals required by industries. 



The purpose of this study is to develop teaching materials for industry-oriented safety management. Specifically, we investigated the chapters and contents of various industrial safety management teaching materials based on industrial perspectives. 



Using a teaching materials review feedback form, 10 field experts reviewed the outline and content of the teaching materials. The reviewers assessed and categorized each chapter as either “accepted,” “to be revised,” or “deleted,” and provided their recommendations for revision. 



The results showed that the content of the teaching materials, 16 sections were accepted by all the reviewers; 4 sections were accepted by 90% of the reviewers, with the remaining 10% recommending revisions; 1 section was accepted by 80% of the reviewers, with the remaining 20% recommending revisions; and 3 sections were accepted by 70% of the reviewers, with the remaining 30% recommending revisions. 



Furthermore, the results of Pearson product-moment correlation and Spearman rank correlation analyses showed that the reviewers’ assessments regarding the outline and content of the teaching materials were significantly correlated (r = .880, p = .001; rho = .877, p = .001). This verifies that the teaching materials developed in this study possess industry-oriented characteristics. 



Industry-oriented, safety professional, industrial safety management.

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