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Workshop: Supporting diverse student cohorts through their engineering studies Workshop: Supporting diverse student cohorts through their engineering studies HOT


Many countries around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, have stated goals of increasing both access to and participation in higher education. This has led to increasingly diverse commencing engineering student cohorts and new dimensions to issues of first year transition and student support requirements.  

The purpose of this workshop is to explore a variety of institutional contexts and identify the ways in which they respond to the needs of under-represented groups within engineering student cohorts. It is part of a wider study on enabling the success of these groups, and by extension all students, through the identification of good practice in teaching and supporting students and the influence of context on practice efficacy. 


Engineering educators and learning and teaching support staff who have an interest in first year transition to university and enabling student academic success as well as those who enjoy robust discussions about the characteristics of current student cohorts. We would love to have diverse participation! 


Struggling to address your students’ needs or blissfully unaware of what’s really going on in your classroom? Come along and share issues surrounding your increasingly diverse student cohort and its impact on engineering education. Themes such as inclusive curriculum and assessment design, promoting student engagement and encouraging ‘help seeking’ by students will be explored. 


Participants will enhance their own understanding of the sociocultural issues faced by students entering university; they will actively participate in the generation of a pool of response ideas and engage with how these might be applied in their own institutional context. Participants will be offered follow up information summarising the broad findings of the workshop.  


This session will be presented by the following members of USQ’s Engineering Education Research Group, with facilitated breakout discussions by invited guests from other institutions. 

Lyn Brodie is Associate Dean (Students) and past president of AAEE. 

Jo Devine is a lecturer who is currently working on a PhD based on identifying enablers and inhibitors of student success, particularly for under-represented student groups studying engineering.  

Tara Newman is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the USQ Engineering Education Research Group and has extensive experience in Education Research.  

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